29 May 2011

Wordle 6 ~ Wallace Stevens

School took me for a ride this week, and I did not have the time I needed to visit all of your work and select words.  My apologies for that.  My favorite poem by Wallace Stevens is Domination of Black.  I took this week's wordle words from that piece.  You decide if you should read his piece before or after your own.  My fear was that it would infect my own writing, as Domination of Black is a piece I read aloud every year to my students, and to myself when the need strikes.  Someone told me that it was also Wallace Stevens's favorite poem that he wrote.  I've never verified that, though.

What is it about other people's pieces that keep us coming back to them?  This poem has been in my life for over twenty years.  I love it, so that's where I went for the words.  My piece is darker than I intended, and the angels from last week's wordle showed up in it again.  Go figure.  Angels can be pesky once you notice them. 

Have fun this week,  I'm anticipating great work.

22 May 2011

Wordle 5 ~ Baker's Dozen

My Internet is down at home, so I have entered the world of Internet cafes.  I won't be able to comment on anyone's pieces until Monday when the Internet guru works his magic on our connection at home. So please don't think I'm ignoring you.  I feel lost without Internet, without this poetry game at my fingertips. 

The Scoop
Annell Livingston is an inspired artist and poet.  She posts the poems she pens at Somethings I Think About.  The first four words are from a collection of pieces on Annell’s blog.  They are risk, surrender, utter, and yellow.  I don’t know why I threw a color in there, but it certainly is a focal point for my piece, yellow.   From a beautiful tribute piece to her Aunt I found Symphony on the Bonny Poet’s blog poemflow, I pulled control, gathered, rearranged, and waned.  From Pamela Sayer’s piece, Highways Intersect with Visions the wordle contains lull, absolute, window, and beneath. You can find more of Pamela's vibrant work at her blog poetry with me.
I threw in “angels” to make it a Baker’s Dozen. 
I wrote my piece, yellow in the car on the way home from my parent’s house today.  It’s a three hour drive, and Len is my driver.  :-)  Yellow flowers covering mountainsides inspired it.  Montana is a beautiful state.
Can’t wait to see angels move through your pieces.  That means the Internet is resuscitated at my house.   I am glad that you all found your way here.

15 May 2011

Wordle 4

If you found yourself here, welcome, the more the merrier.  Please take the time to read and comment on other participants’ poems.  I must confess that I had already written my piece Jebediah’s Fire before realizing that it was the third Thursday in the month.  Look for a baker’s dozen words next week. 
Last week’s response to the wordle by Barbara at Briarcat continues to astound me.  It’s a tornado of words that riles my core.  Therefore I picked four of the words from her piece Rough as a Cob. From that brilliant piece I took salty, slurping, rural, and chimney.  Slurping was an interesting word to incorporate.  It brought something unusual to my piece. 
I loved Irene’s response to Big Tent Poetry’s closure this week.  I lifted the words infusion, filtered, textured, and bridge from her poem, Continue or be Damned.  You can find Irene’s work at her blog Lost in Translation.  Irene is also a promptress at We Write Poems.
Paula writes shorter pieces at echoes from the silence.  I’m enjoying her poetry every week and took two words from a haiku, and two words from her notes surrounding the haiku. The words come from her post Managing to Write.  Paula, I’m glad you are managing to write, and joining in every week.  From her post we have brandishing, stop, eke, and substituted.
Here are some instructions Francis Scudellari provides for posting a link in the comments section of blogger:
Blogger comments will let you add basic html, so to make a live link you just need to wrap an "anchor tag" around the name of your poem. I'll try to type the format for it here, but Blogger wants to embed the code, so I have to doctor it a little. Just ignore the asterisks (*) I've typed in below.

First you put in the following "<*a href=", then you add the URL of the post wrapped in quotation marks, then you need to add another ">", then the text you want to use for the link, and finally the closing tag "<*/a*>". 

Don't forget to take out the asteriks.

08 May 2011

Wordle 3

Vivinfrance is a frequent stop on my weekly poetry reading. Viv's work is intelligent, heartfelt, honest, and often refreshing.  Now Viv has professed to not be entirely fond of wordles.  However, her contribution to last week's wordle, got me waning all nostalgic for NaPoWriMo, and it hasn't been that long in the grave. She refers to NaPoWriMo as a month of animated scribbling.   Indeed!

This week, the first four words I selected came from Viv's piece, Dawn in Anse à la Mouche  (The bay of the fly). Those four include mists, breathes, supersedes, and seaweed.  Those four words drove a search for more words that dealt with water. My favorite wordle post of the week was Angie Werren's crows build nests with sticks and twigs, and hers footed the bill for water words: evaporation, released, river, and water.  finally, I pulled four words from the poem,  the end of it on Marianne's blog *elle ecrit*. These did not have to do with water, but I liked them: slides, embroidered, tiny, and tugs.

01 May 2011

Wordle 2

This week I knew that I wanted to tackle a sestina, so I selected words that might work well as end words in lines. In her poem, Hidden Meanings, Pamela Sayers explores the origins of her name. I took the words scribbling, whispered, resilient, and hillsides from that piece on her blog, Poetry with me. At Sadly Waiting for Recess, Mr. Walker shares a glimmering exploration of music with students in his Jazz Talk where I lifted thrumming, sustain, animated, and train. From Gloria's response to last week's Wordle Words, I used aching, visions, revenge, and thirst. This piece at Thoughts in Poetry and Prose, was one of my favorite responses to the prompt. Thank you all for your pariticipation in last week's wordle. Be sure and visit some of the other pieces.

Post your response any time this week.