12 June 2011

The Big Move

My entire blogging world has moved to WordPress.  To keep life simple, I moved this prompt site there, as well.  You'll find Wordle 8 at The Sunday Whirl. I'm hoping this move will make commenting easier for everyone.   I can't make Mr. Linky work here or there, but I'll keep plugging after it. 

05 June 2011

Wordle 7

I visited all of your blogs this week, and selected words from Marianne, Peggy, and Tracy.  From Somewhere in the Galaxy on Marianne's blog *elle ecrit* come gaudy, undulate, abyss, and spin.  From her blog On a Day Like Today, Peggy's poem Summer Night gives us inky, murmurs, purple, and glow.  And finally I pulled common, burrows, heart, and unafraid from Tracy B.'s poem Massachussetts Memories at her blog poem flow.  Please visit your fellow poets' responses to the wordle, and leave them a few good words.  :) 
Things might change up next week, as I'll be looking into adding Mr. Linky.  That should dissolve some commenting issues.  I won't be around to respond to any pieces until Monday.  But I do look forward to reading everyone's pieces every week.  Thanks for playing with words; your responses fill me up.