22 May 2011

Wordle 5 ~ Baker's Dozen

My Internet is down at home, so I have entered the world of Internet cafes.  I won't be able to comment on anyone's pieces until Monday when the Internet guru works his magic on our connection at home. So please don't think I'm ignoring you.  I feel lost without Internet, without this poetry game at my fingertips. 

The Scoop
Annell Livingston is an inspired artist and poet.  She posts the poems she pens at Somethings I Think About.  The first four words are from a collection of pieces on Annell’s blog.  They are risk, surrender, utter, and yellow.  I don’t know why I threw a color in there, but it certainly is a focal point for my piece, yellow.   From a beautiful tribute piece to her Aunt I found Symphony on the Bonny Poet’s blog poemflow, I pulled control, gathered, rearranged, and waned.  From Pamela Sayer’s piece, Highways Intersect with Visions the wordle contains lull, absolute, window, and beneath. You can find more of Pamela's vibrant work at her blog poetry with me.
I threw in “angels” to make it a Baker’s Dozen. 
I wrote my piece, yellow in the car on the way home from my parent’s house today.  It’s a three hour drive, and Len is my driver.  :-)  Yellow flowers covering mountainsides inspired it.  Montana is a beautiful state.
Can’t wait to see angels move through your pieces.  That means the Internet is resuscitated at my house.   I am glad that you all found your way here.


Mary said...

Here's mine:

lucychili said...

I missed a few

Elizabeth said...

This one was a surprise, just following the words,


Isabel said...

hello everyone. its my first time posting
here. here's mine..

Isabel said...

here is the link - The Ocean's Breeze

flaubert said...

Hello to all, and I am grateful for the words. It was a long and tiring week. This is a piece I started yesterday, and the words fit in nicely.


angie said...

I love these words!

I reworked an old piece --
stay -- from some of my prose-poetry experiments. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello my wordle friends!! :)

Here's mine: MOONBEAMS.

Thanks, as always, Brenda!


irene said...

Interesting selection of words, Brenda.

my life went by like a dream of hair

Peggy said...

Thought I'd give this one a try. I was surprised what came out of the words for me. I was still thinking about our recent visit to Central America but am having trouble writing very clearly about it. Here it is:

Henry Clemmons said...

Click on my name. It will take you to my post. It's called: "Protector."
Thank you for any comments.

vivinfrance said...

I tried hard!

barbara said...

Thanks for the words, Brenda
Mine is still pretty rough. I keep finding words I leave out when I change something. sigh

brenda w said...

The Internet is back at home. It makes me so very happy. :) Here's a link to my piece:
I've started reading through your pieces, and love what I've seen so far.

Welcome to our wordle world, Isabel!


Marianne said...

Thanks for another amazing prompt, Brenda! I used 12 of the 13 words in my poem ...

Francis Scudellari said...

I'm running a little behind this week, but here's mine: In this time of rapture, moonbeams scatter

Anonymous said...

Hello all!

For those who are interested in checking out a new venture: is a site created by fellow poet Buddah Moskowitz. He provides a forum for us to record our own reading and share it with everyone! I've just recorded my wordle poem "Moonbeams" -- it should be posted there soon.

Brenda - I included the fact that my poem was written in response to your prompt! :)

Hope you all check it out...and call in with one of your poems!

~Paula Wanken

Marianne said...
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Cathy said...

Better late than never :) I probably be the one who be pretty much the last poet to post something. LOL!

This poem gave me so much trouble this week. Plus I did set up my own url for my new blog. That took 48 hours to straighten out. So everything is settle down.

I'll read everybody else poem tomorrow.

Mike Patrick said...

Another wonderful selection of words. Fun.

Anonymous said...

And mine is late...but here:

Mr. Walker said...

Here is mine: Dream of a Superman (WordPress) or Dream of a Superman (Blogspot). I've got lots of reading to do.