25 April 2011

Testing / Links within comments

I found this post at BlogU
It won't let me post the html coding here, it keeps disappearing. You'll have to go to the site to see how to do it. There is an easy explanation there, though. I'll give it a try in the comments. If it works, I'll see you beyond the Bozone. ;-)

Please, feel free to practice posting links. Try linking to your blog in the comment section.

24 April 2011

A Baker's Dozen 1

One of my favorite pieces of the week was Francis Scudellari’s historical what was lost (the warmth in their hands) at Caught in the Stream. That piece gave the first four words tissue, sharp, cheap, and squeeze. Replenish, creep, steal, and quenching came from Elizabeth’s sevenling (ever-burning fire) . In my opinion, this was the top sevenling of the week. If you haven’t checked out Soul’s Music, do so. One of my favorite blogs is crankymango, as much for the poetry as for lucychili’s artwork. Go, take a rummage through her work and words. From her piece, harmony, I lifted pinwheels, tattoos, piquant, and diminished. When I got all the words together, I wanted to add another “eee” word, thence came eternal for a baker’s dozen.

Thank you for the time you spend with words. We all benefit. Happy Wordling!

21 April 2011


If you are here, hooray!  This Sunday at 12:01 a.m. Mountain Standard Time, a wordle will be released.  Use it to inspire your work, use as many of the words as you can in any form or tense. Post a link to your piece in the comments below the wordle.  Visit other people's work.  We'll craft ourselves an interesting community.  Each week I'll pick four words from three poems I've read during the week.  If the poem is yours, I'll link to it under the wordle.  I'll also tag the prompt that week with your blog name.  Welcome!